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Hello all people who have been waiting for this chapter. It is the second edition of the Lolcat magazine. Enjoy


the reviews!


Title: UP
Production: USA     
Type: Animation, Comedy
Date of premiere: 2009-10-16
One day Carl Fredricksen decides to realize his dream. He travels to a mysterious land in South America. There would not be anything special in that if not a fact that Carl travels in his own house which is carried by hundreds of balloons. Besides, in his journey he has a peculiar companionship – by accident some eight-year-old boy got to his home. However, real adventures start just after reaching the final destination…








Production: USA              
Type: Romantic comedy
Date of premiere:  2009-10-16
Catherine Zeta-Jones : Sandy
Justin Bartha: Aram Finklestein
Joanna Gleason: Roberta
Lynn Whitfield: Laura
Jake Cherry: Frank Jr
Samantha Ivers: Cinnamon

25-year-old Aram Finklestein (Justin Bartha) is hired as a babysitter by 40-year-old mother, Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) for her son Frank (Jake Cherry) and her daughter, Sadie (Kelly Gould). It would not be an interesting story but suddenly the love starts spreading around…


Title: NORTH
Production: Norway     
Type: Comedy
Date of premiere: 2009-11-6
Anders Baasmo Christiansen: Jomar Henriksen
Kyrre Hellum : Lasse
Marte Aunemo : Lotte
Mads Sjogard Pettersen: Ulrik
Lars Olsen: Ailo
Astrid Solhaug: Mari

Thirty-year-old Jomar has a very difficult time in his life. He cannot forget about his girl who cheated on him with his best friend. One day he finds out that she lives in the North… with a child whose father he might be…


Title: 2012
Production: Canada          


Type: Catastrophe, science-fiction
Date of premiere: 2009-11-15






John Cusack:  Jackson Curtis
Amanda Peet: Kate Curtis
Liam James: Noah Curtis


Morgan Lily: Lilly Curtis
Thomas McCarthy: Gordon
Danny Glover: Thomas Wilson

The film tells a story of a global cataclysm and about the approaching end of the World, and a group of people who fight for surviving. This movie was inspired by prophecies which say that in 2012 the Earth will be annihilated. It is connected with the Maya’s calendar which ends in 21.12.2012.


Films of the month
Hello to all the readers of the Lolcat magazine. This is the chapter about films. My name is Wojtek and each month I will be recommending you films worth watching.


Production: USA
Type: Comedy
Date of premiere: 2008-03-20
Nate Hartley: Wade
Troy Gentile: Ryan
David Dorfman: Emmit
Alex Frost: Filkins
Owen Wilson: Drillbit Taylor
Josh Peck: Ronnie
Valerie Tian: Brooke

Steven Brill’s film tells story about three friends: Wade (Nate Hartley), Ryan (Troy Gentile) and Emmit (David Dorfman) who start a secondary school and on the first day they want to make a stunning impression and make new friends. Unfortunately, the first morning is full of surprises. Wade and Ryan wear exactly the same T-shirts which is noted by bullies from older classes. Since that, first day of school is repeated every day, and the heroes can’t find peace even in their way home. Rescue is only one: hiring a private bodyguard. But what if the bodyguard is the homeless one, who wants to rob them to gain money for the ticket to Canada?


Production: USA, Germany
Type: Sensational, action
Date of premiere: 2004-09-10
Kim Basinger: Jessica Martin
Chris Evans: Ryan
Eric Christian Olsen: Chad
Jessica Biel: Chloe

Jessica Martin, a quiet teacher of biology has been kidnapped in a brutal way by masked bandits and transported in her own car to the unknown place. Fortunately, she managed to repair her cell-phone and call the accidental number. The phone is picked up by the young man, Ryan, who thought at the beginning that this is only a joke. But later he made sure that the woman is right... Unluckily, the batteries in her mobile are starting to discharge...

And now something for women:


Production: USA
Type: romantic comedy
Date of premiere: 2008-02-01
Eva Longoria Parker : Kate
Paul Rudd: Henry
Lake Bell: Ashley
Jason Biggs: Dan
Lindsay Sloane: Chloe

Kate died while she was preparing wedding party. Her ex-fiancé Henry is depressed after the loss. His sister thinks that he needs help of the medium, very attractive Ashley. Their meetings cause that Ashley and Henry are starting to fall in love. However, the ghost of Kate is determined to ruin everything between the new couple.


Production: USA
Type: Comedy
Date of premiere: 2000-10-06
Robert De Niro: Jack Byrnes
Ben Stiller: Greg Focker
Teri Polo: Pam Byrnes
Blythe Danner: Dina Byrnes
Nicole DeHuff: Debbie Byrnes
Jon Abrahams: Denny Byrnes
Thomas McCarthy: Bob Banks
Phyllis George: Linda Banks
James Rebhorn: Larry Banks
Owen Wilson: Kevin Rawley

Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) loves his girlfriend Pam (Teri Polo) like crazy. Unfortunately, her father Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) is very strict and suspicious to all potentials sons-in-law. Few days of holiday in Pam’s parents house are full of surprises and funny situations.

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