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Commander on Royal Navy, “Lucky” Jack Arubey and his best friend, ship’s doctor, dr Stephen Maturin attend the frigate “Surprise”. One day their ship was suddenly attacked by the overwhelming enemy forces. Although in the battle ship part of ship was destroyed and many crew member was hurt, commander Jack Arubey opts for chase across two oceans and try to intercept enemy’s ship. The game is played for high stakes and this is a good name of commander. If he gets a ship, he gets publicity and fame, but if he losse, he plunges himself and his crew.

Type: adventure, historical drama

Production: USA

First run: 28th of November 2003(Poland), 14th of November 2003 (world)

Director: Peter Weir

Screenplay: Peter Weir, John Collee

Ania, Julka

Iron Man

"Iron Man" is an american film from 2008. The film is based on the Marvel Comics series about Iron Man.

"Iron Man" is a story of a millioner and great inventor, Tony Stark (played by beautiful and charming Robert Downey Jr.), head of a huge company Stark Industries which is producing armory for USA government. Tony's carefree lifestyle changes when he travels to Afganistan to show his new weapon "Jericho" . After this presentation, his convoy is attacked by rebeliants, Tony is kidnapped by them. Stark is critically wounded by a bullet whihch pieces stuck near his heart, Tony is forced to construct a powerful weapon for Raza (Faran Tahir), the mysterious leader of the group of rebeliants called Ten Rings. However, ignoring the kidnappers demands, Tony uses his intellect and genius to construct a suit that will keep him alive and to getaway from the cave. When he returns to USA and tell everyone that his comany Stark Industries won't produce armory anymore, he causes a wave of unpleasant comments. He wants to start a new life as an Iron Man - one of the Avengers. And that's how the story begins.

This was about the first part of Iron Man films : second part was made in 2010, third will be released probably in 2013.

Trailers and external links:

Iron Man:

Iron Man 2:

Iron Man 3:

Making of (I really reccomend it to watch):

Julka W.

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