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Due date (2010)


Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) is going to become dad for the first time - his child will be born in a few days. Peter wants to accompany his wife during the childbirth. However, his plans shall fall in ruins when he accidentally met beginning actor - Ethan Trembley (Zach Galifianakis). After a small 'accident' on airplane, Peter gets a plane flight ban. His suitcase, wallet and all documents stayed on plane! He hasn't got anything. He wants to rent a car to drive to his pregnant wife but he hasn't got money to pay for it. Then Ethan appears with a rented car. He wants Peter to drive with him. Firstly Peter wasn't happy with that but finally he gets into Ethan's car...
The journey turns out to be a tour through the remote areas of the country, where many cars and friendships will be destroyed...

This movie is is a good comedy for the whole family. I really recommend it to watch - there are lots of twists and funny scenes. If you like comedies you might like this one :).




Commander on Royal Navy, “Lucky” Jack Arubey and his best friend, ship’s doctor, dr Stephen Maturin attend the frigate “Surprise”. One day their ship was suddenly attacked by the overwhelming enemy forces. Although in the battle ship part of ship was destroyed and many crew member was hurt, commander Jack Arubey opts for chase across two oceans and try to intercept enemy’s ship. The game is played for high stakes and this is a good name of commander. If he gets a ship, he gets publicity and fame, but if he losse, he plunges himself and his crew.

Type: adventure, historical drama

Production: USA

First run: 28th of November 2003(Poland), 14th of November 2003 (world)

Director: Peter Weir

Screenplay: Peter Weir, John Collee

Ania, Julka

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