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This month there is a very good news for girls:  Stephanie Meyer and producents of The Twilight saga are thinking to make serial about it. It will be something like: 20 years later. There will perfom Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and  Taylor Swift. She will play Reneesme.

Like in last month there is a new baby in the world!

Adriana Lima gave birth to daughter. Her name is Valentina. The father of the baby is Marko Jaric.

This month is full of interesting stories to tell. Katy Perry (American singer) is dating with Russell Brand (British comic)! They met on MTV Music Awards which Russell was hosting. Then he and Katy were seen in a restaurant where they looked like real lovers.

Another novelty - Amy Winehouse is back! She sang in choirs of her niece – Dionne Bromfield! Amy, after a really long break, performed in ‘Strictly come dancing’. She did a great job, we hope she’ll be like she used to be.

And the last news! Alicja Bachleda-Curuś (American and Polish actress) gave birth to son! The father of the baby is Colin Farrell (Scottish actor). Baby boy’s name isn’t known yet, but anyway Welcome on Earth!

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