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Dragon Event

Dragon Laser Tag is for everyone – not only for adults, children too.

Two rooms, VIP room and hall have got about 700 square meters.

Lots of guests told nice things about this place. Apart from that during

participating event you can hear music, which adds climate and raises

your pressure. First, there counts flair and reflex. Prices aren’t maybe

as low as we want, but it’s only price. So, come there and have fun just now.

Adam Szczudlinski

Star Wars


Star Wars is a film which has 7 parts for this time ( in December 2016 there will be 8th part).The main plot is about defeating siths by all this short presentation we want to tell you some interesting facts about this film:

  • the first director was George Lucas who made 6 parts of film (4th part called "New hope" was made in 1977)
  • there are many products based on star wars like lego games or accessorries.
  • many characters in film are made by computer or these are real people in very realistic costumes
  • Now most popular game based on star wars is "Star wars battlefront"



Fallout 4 - is a fabular game made by Bethesda Game Studios and released on 10 November 2015. Game plot is set in postapocaliptic

world. Action starts in 2077 in Boston (outbreak of Nucleary War). After going to criogenic room and device error character wakes up in 2287

becomes the last person in the world and started finding son and murderies.

Character fights with ghouls, robbers mutants and with many different monsters. The journey is more interesting and nice

because of dog - River which has got unlimited life.


Fallout was played by 470 thousands people on Steam (premiere day) and sold 2 milions game copy in just one week.

Opinion about Fallout was positive (apart from small imperfections game is curious and every decision which gamers made

will have a big influence of the future in the game).

Łukasz Szymankowski, Adam Szczudliński

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