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Christmas in New York

Today I want to write about New York and Christmas there.

-         There are 8 million people.

-         It’s the most famous city in the United States

-         Official language is English

-         One of the most popular thing is Statue of Liberty

-         It’s called capital of the world

-         It has a big influence in media, fashion and business

-         It is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Manhattan – business center and central park
  2. Bronx – birthplace of hip-hop
  3. Brooklyn – the biggest amount of people
  4. Queens – the most diverse in terms of ethnic
  5. Staten Island – there live the most richest people

-         There is warm and sea climate

-         It has the longest metro system in the world

-         There are 13 thousands yellow taxis

-         It’s worth to see Empire State Building, Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, Wall Street and Ellis Island



Christmas in New York

-         There are many shops, so it would be no problem to buy something as a gift for the other person

-         Characteristic things are rink and very beautiful Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

-         There is no Christmas supper

-         Christmas tree is bedecked only with gold, purple and silver colour.

-         There is no custom of dividing the wafer

-         There is a Christmas breakfast

-         People sing Christmas carols

-         Houses are lightened by many lights

-         Gifts are opened not in the evening but in the morning

-         People hang the big sockets next to the fireplace. They put the gifts in them.

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