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Hi dear Lolcat readers! It's us – Magda and Klaudia – again, in a bimonthly music segment. In previous year we were sizeing up your knowledge about some of the bands we like, but this time we would like to focus on a whole music industry rather than just chosen inviduals. So this month, we want to draw your attention to the genre changes the band goes through.

Firstly, we will analyze the world-wide known trio - 'Paramore'. They started off as under twenty year old kids, with big ambitions and rebelious/rough dynamic drums and charismatic singer Hayley Williams. Through the years 2005-2010 Paramore never had one generic sound and there is a huge difference between songs like My Heart and When It Rains, and then Born For This and Misguided Ghosts. But even still they kept in the borders of Alternative rock, emo and pop punk. This year, they released a new self-titled album, which consists totally shocked its listeners. Obviously, they have been through so many experiences, that it's hard to not change. They lost two members, and still have no contact with them, The effects of that can change a person/band. Hearing Paramore (the album) was really crazy experience! There are aspects of it that previously one would never have associated with Paramore, like the gospel choir and the ukulele interludes. Their new songs sound also a lot happier and more rythmic - something you can mess around to. To put it shortly: they experimented totally, which was met with both applause and dissapointment. And what does the band has to say to this? I think people focus too much on this topic of trying to please fans and be relevant. Personally, we just wanted to write about what we believe in. Our last album is about growing up.” And what is your opinion?

Korn is another band which has been through some changes. First they have been playing nu and alternative metal (They are the first band to be labeled as nu metal!). It has been lasting for 28 years, from 1993 to 2011 to be precise. Their songs were dark-themed and causing anxiety. The lyrics were mostly about unhappy, drastic situations and extreme feelings. The band has stated that their primary influences include Metallica, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Slayer, Faith No More. But in 2011.2012 everything has changed, on their tenth album The Path of Totality featuring Skrillex. From nu metal they transformed into some kind of dupstep. Their old drummer said about Korn's new tune, "Never Never," lacking any groove and publicly blamed new drummer Ray Luzier for the issue. As you can see not everyone is pleased with Korn being Korn in a different way. As many others band they have chosen a different artistic direction, and that's totally fine. Some fans will love it just as much as others won't. All a matter of opinion! I don't see a point in guessing and saying that bands just go mainstream to hit more fans. Of course, a part of this is true – they want to reach more ears – but not everyone is doing it only for money. It's just a part of growing up sometimes, in needing to change, to feel fresh and new. A reborn.

There are a lot of bands changing the direction they go in, such as 30 Seconds to Mars or Muse, but as a last band to look into, we picked up Linkin Park, who was one of the first to start this electronic revolution. Formed in 1996, the band rose to international fame with their even first album. In the beginning Linkin Park songs could be adapted to genres like alternative rock, nu metal, rap rock, containing some innovative hip-hop insertions. Their first two album focused on this sound, with the third 'Minutes to Midnight' being calmer and more mature. But still you could hear in it the same Linkin Park, with Chester's breaking vocals and Mike Shinoda's rapping verses. It was just a foreshadow to what was about to come later. In the interview before releasing the single 'The Catalyst” Shinoda says „"There's a stylistic thing that's different. With Linkin Park, we have a signature sound — you know it when you hear us. Trying to describe that difference is like trying to describe the difference between Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, you know?"They're both rock, but they're different styles. I'm confident in saying this next record is going to be the most challenging ...”. A Thousand Suns album was a rather dramatic departure from anything they've done in the past. Now they sound more electronic, techno-like and there's not a chance they are coming to back to their past self, since they sold out 2 new albums bringing a total chaos in charts. They are looking forward in creating something innovative.

Name another band who would dare to take this approach in change while at the height of their popularity? You probalby can't. So why do bands change? Because there's only so much they can do in the genre the are playing ex. Nu-metal - it's one of the most restricting genres in terms of musicality. They obviously want to expand their musical horizons and the only way to do that is abandoning their signature sound. Some will like it, some will not. They will both lose and gain fans. The risk is high, but they decide to take it, for themselves. Oh man, if you've come this far to read this, we are really grateful and hope you enjoyed this little article. See you next time, as we will consider the point of view between fan wars. Bye :)

Magda, Klaudia

Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Grant is mainly known by her stage name Lana Del Rey. She was born on June 21 1986 in New York City.

After uploading a few of her tracks on youtube she was discovered and later signed by Stranger Records.

Her debut single was Video Games thanks to which she got recognized all over the internet.

In a couple of days she went from a not known artist to a full blown star.

As to her music, she describes herself as a ‘self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra’. Her latest track ‘Young and Beautiful’ has been featured in the blockbuster ‘the Great Gatsby’

Her most popular songs are:

  1. vVideo Games
  2. vSummertime Sadness
  3. vBlue Jeans
  4. vBorn to Die
  5. vNational Anthem

Ula B.

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