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•    On 2nd November Slayer is going to release their new album called ‘World Painted Blood’.

•    The 5th Warsaw Guitar Festival will be held in Warsaw on 13th and 14th of November.

•    On 10th October the bassist of ‘Deep Purple’ Nick Spimper got concert in Płock with Polish band called ‘Love The Vice’.

•    Two independent music labels summoned Guns N‘ Roses for using tracks without  permission.

•    On 2nd October there was a premiere of a new singel by Agnieszka Chylińska. Her fans were very disappointed because her new song doesn’t match her style.

•    Song ‚Otwórz Oczy‘ by Gosia Andrzejewicz has been called the worst song of this summer.

•    ‘Beastie Boys‘ has published the decision about suspension of the band because of the cancer of one of the band members.

•    Famous Polish musician Tede has been attacked during the concert by one of his fans.

•    French musician Quentin has remixed the best thrash metal album by Slayer ‘Reign In Blood’.

•    On 25th October in Warsaw the 51st Jazz Jamboree festival is going to start. Festival will start with the concert of Miles of Blue.

The Beatles

Dear LolCat,

I’m very pleased that I can write to you. I was so happy when I got a letter from you! You were asking me about the band called ‘The Beatles’. You must know that I love it. So, you want know more about them? No problem. In 1957 in Liverpool young boy called John Winston Lennon organized ‘The Quarry Men Band’. He and some of his friends were playing skiffle music at picnics and they dreamt about being more famous than Elvis Presley. At one church party John met James Paul McCartney – the guitar player. Paul started to play with ‘Quarry Men’ and two years later he brought his friend at the concert – George Harrison. As ‘Johnny And The Moondogs’ they started to become famous. They travelled together through the whole England, and finally in 1960 as ‘The Beatles’ (John, Paul, George and Pete Best as a drummer) they went to a tournee around Scotland. One year later they met Richard ‘Ringo Starr’ Starkey and he became The Beatles’s drummer. It was a very good idea, few months later the manager Brian Epstein made contract with guys and in 1962 they sold their first CD ’Love Me Do/P.S.I Love You’. From that moment the world fell in love with their music. They started to be a symbol of ‘swinging London’ and an attitude of ‘Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’. They sold billions of discs. Beatlemania has begun. If there had been no Beatles, no one would have had the imagination to invent such a story. Four normal guys started to be gods of rock music, idols of people from every countries, with an enormous career and fame. Wherever they went, they brought Beatlemania with them. They couldn’t help it; it was a form of real love. Unfortunately, such a hard life went to John’s head. Paul got very angry with him and in 1970 he brought a suit against all ‘The Beatles’. In 1971 with the court’s decision The Beatles band stopped to exist. Fans were very disappointed although they didn’t stop to love ‘The Beatles’. Hope that you will listen to them and become the new fan?

I recommend you ‘Yellow Submarine’ CD, ‘Love’ CD and the newest mixed 14 CDs which you can buy in every good music shop.

Take care,
Your Lucy




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