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Franz Ferdinand ,’You could have it so much better’


This month I will tell you something about awesome Franz Ferdinand’s CD . ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’ gives you an hour of great fun. I promise that you’ll be dancing after only few seconds of this Indian rock music. The get-up is crazy, just like boys from the band. Old-fashioned photos, red graphics and of course sensible lyrics make this publication professional.
If you like funny, rhythmical songs to party, you’ll like ‘Do You Want To?’ , ‘This Boy’ , ‘What You Meant?’ or ‘Evil and Heathen’. When you’re in a bad mood and you’re looking for something calm and slowly, you have to listen to ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Fade Together’. Light and nice one is ‘Eleanor Put Your Boots On’ which was written to Alex’s girlfriend, singer Eleanor Friedberger. Best lyrics and sense I’ve found in ‘The Fallen’ , ‘You’re The Reason I’m Leaving’ or ‘I’m Your Villain’. Title song , ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’, is not the best. It is quick and rhythmical but I can’t feel Franz Ferdinand’s soul in this one. My favourite song is ‘Outsiders’. It has a fantastic beat, great bass and very, very sensible text about dregs of society.
This CD can be listened in every place, every hour and I hope you’ll buy it just today. I admire it and I recommend it to you with every fiber of my heart.


Music News

•    On 2nd November Slayer is going to release their new album called ‘World Painted Blood’.

•    The 5th Warsaw Guitar Festival will be held in Warsaw on 13th and 14th of November.

•    On 10th October the bassist of ‘Deep Purple’ Nick Spimper got concert in Płock with Polish band called ‘Love The Vice’.

•    Two independent music labels summoned Guns N‘ Roses for using tracks without  permission.

•    On 2nd October there was a premiere of a new singel by Agnieszka Chylińska. Her fans were very disappointed because her new song doesn’t match her style.

•    Song ‚Otwórz Oczy‘ by Gosia Andrzejewicz has been called the worst song of this summer.

•    ‘Beastie Boys‘ has published the decision about suspension of the band because of the cancer of one of the band members.

•    Famous Polish musician Tede has been attacked during the concert by one of his fans.

•    French musician Quentin has remixed the best thrash metal album by Slayer ‘Reign In Blood’.

•    On 25th October in Warsaw the 51st Jazz Jamboree festival is going to start. Festival will start with the concert of Miles of Blue.

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