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Nirvana was an American rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana went through a succession of drummers, the longest-lasting being Dave Grohl, who joined the band in 1990.

Nirvana gained worldwide fame after the release of the album Nevermind, and the first single promoting the album, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (1991) and has become one of the forerunners of subspecies of rock music, grunge. Other groups from Seattle, also played a large role in the rock scene in the 80s and 90, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Thanks to the efforts of these bands grunge and alternative rock became the most frequently broadcasts by radio stations, music genres in the early 90s Singer, Kurt Cobain, became known as "representative of a new generation," and Nirvana became one of the few bands associated with Generation X.

The band was disbanded after the death of Cobain in 1994, but the popularity of Nirvana after the event has grown even more . In 2002 the band released unfinished demo of "You Know You're Right", which turned out to be an international hit and is ranked in the top of the charts. To March 2009 the band has sold over 25 million albums in the United States and more than 50 million worldwide.

Band members:

  • Kurt Cobain – lead vocals, guitar (1987-1994)
  • Krist Novoselic – bass guitar (1987-1994)
  • Dave Grohl – drums, backing vocals (1990–1994)
Former members
  • Aaron Burckhard – drums (1987–1988)
  • Dale Crover – drums (1988, 1990)
  • Dave Foster – drums (1988)
  • Chad Channing – drums (1988–1990)
  • Jason Everman – guitar (1989)
  • Dan Peters – drums (1990)
Touring members
  • Pat Smear – guitar, backing vocals (1993–1994)
  • Lori Goldston – cello (1993–1994)


Studio album:

  • Bleach (1989)
  • Nevermind (1991)
  • In Utero (1993)
Most well-known songs of Nirvana:

"Come as you are"

"Smells like teen spirit"


Top 10 March

Hi, everyone !

Last month I promised you the list of TOP 10 rock songs. I won’t the most popular songs such as Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit on this list. I have to show you other, but good songs too.


Top 10 of March



  1. 1. Papa Roach – Getting Away with Murder
  2. 2. System of a Down – Lonely Day
  3. 3. The Kooks – Seaside
  1. Aerosmith – Dude looks like a lady
  2. Nirvana – In Bloom
  3. Metallica - Fade To Black
  4. Green Day – American Idiot
  1. My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words
  2. Foo Fighters – The Pretender
  3. ACDC – Rock’n Roll Train

Papa Roach is a American rock band from 1993. Them the most popular song is Last Resort and them first album is Old Friends from Young Years from 1997. Them the last album was released in 2010 and it’s call Time for Annihilation.

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