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Top 10 March

Hi, everyone !

Last month I promised you the list of TOP 10 rock songs. I won’t the most popular songs such as Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit on this list. I have to show you other, but good songs too.


Top 10 of March



  1. 1. Papa Roach – Getting Away with Murder
  2. 2. System of a Down – Lonely Day
  3. 3. The Kooks – Seaside
  1. Aerosmith – Dude looks like a lady
  2. Nirvana – In Bloom
  3. Metallica - Fade To Black
  4. Green Day – American Idiot
  1. My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words
  2. Foo Fighters – The Pretender
  3. ACDC – Rock’n Roll Train

Papa Roach is a American rock band from 1993. Them the most popular song is Last Resort and them first album is Old Friends from Young Years from 1997. Them the last album was released in 2010 and it’s call Time for Annihilation.

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Adele again

Hi there  :-)
This year I’d like to entertain you in my favourite way. I want to present you my favourite musicians. I’d like to start with last times most important person in the music world – Adele.  You may know her from her extra-popular songs like ‘Rolling in the deep’; ‘Someone like you’ or ‘Chasing Pavements’. Her career started about four years ago with her first CD – 19. What does the number mean? Well, it’s age of Adele in which she was recording cd. It was a big success in UK. Singles from it were ‘Chasing Pavements’, ‘Make you feel my love’.  But her international success came with second cd – 21. With first single ‘Rolling in the deep’ she ruled charts. The song (and actually whole cd) is about feelings that … her after breaking up with her boyfriend. After powerful song in which we can see how strong Adele’s voice is, she decided to shock the world with another song. ‘Someone like you’ is a ballad, that made Adele an … star and is probably always going to be one of the most important lovesongs in the history. What does make Adele such an amazing singer? She doesn’t care about anything, but the music. With amazing voice and lyrics, which just touch hearts she showed that from something really painful you can learn how to be stronger (and that there’s a possibility to make a career ;-)). I really encourage you to listen to Adele’s music. You can trust me – it’s going to touch your heart and maybe change your vision of the world ;) I also recommend dvd from her concert in Royal Albert Hall in London. I bet your’re going to cry on ‘Someone like you’!


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