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Hi everybody,

this month we'd like to tell you about two bands that we all know and adore ;p.

The first one is amercian Aerosmith, found in Boston. This band exist for almost 43 years! It's awesome that they still stick together. The oldest member of Aerosmith is 64 years old. His name is Steven Tyler and he's a lead singer and he occasionally plays piano. He is known as the "Demon of Screamin' due to his high screams and his wide vocal range. His most famous acrobatic move is hanging from a microphone static.

Except him, the others band members are:

Tom Hilton – responsible for bass,

Joey Kramer – drums,

Joe Perry – lead guitar,

Brad Whitford – rythm guitar.

Their first, self-titled album was released in 1973 and the most famous song from this album is 'Dream On'. And the last album is Music from Another Dimension and song which promotes this album is 'What Could Have Been Love', which we find quite awesome.

These are some of Aerosmith's most popular songs:

Cryin' -

Crazy -

Don't Wanna Miss a Thing -



Dude Looks Like a Lady -


And now let's move on to the Iron Maiden – classic of metal music.

This english band was formed on Christmas Day in London in 1975. Considered one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history, Iron Maiden have sold over 85 million records worldwide. Some of their songs can be played in a console game Guitar Hero. The band even has its own masscot – Eddie The Head which appeared on almost all of their album covers. They have recorded 15 studio albums. Their debut self-titled album has succeed in the New Wave of The British Heavy Metal. Two years ago they released their last album 'The Final Frontier'.

The members of Iron Maiden are:

Steve Harris – founder of IM, songwriter and bassist.

Dave Murray – guitarist,

Adrian Frederick "H" Smith - guitarist, reponsible for backing vocals

Bruce Dickinson – lead vocalist, (additionally actor, author, screenwriter, airline pilot),

Nicko McBrain – drummer,

Janick Gers – guitarist.

The best song of Iron Maiden in our opinion are:




Wasting Love -

See you in next two months!!!
xoxo, Magda and Klaudia, Klaudia and Magda ;*


Hi there ;D

we'd like to introduce you to some of metal and rock bands.

The first one is the legen-wait for it-dary English rockband the Rolling Stones. Their stunning career started in 1962.

The actual band members are:

Mick Jagger – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, harmonica, bass guitar, synthesizer, percussion, slide guitar (April 1962 –present)

Keith Richards – electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, piano, backing and lead vocals (April 1962 –present)

Charlie Watts – drums, percussion (January 1963 –present)

Ron Wood – slide, lap and pedal steel guitars, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, saxophone, drums, backing vocals (March 1975 –present)

Their first album was The Rolling Stones (UK), released16 April 1964. And the last was A Bigger Bang, released 5 September 2005. The generally sold out 29 studio albums and 17 live albums. The best album is Stones is Exile on Main St. which is ranked number 26 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 28,075.

The Rolling Stones is ranked number 7 in the overall band rankings.

On the occasion of their fiftieth anniversary, 25th October they played a cameral concert in Parisian theatre Parc de la Villette for 700 listeners. The tickets cost only 15euro.The next concerts will take place 25 and 29 November O2 Arena in London and 13,15 December in Prudential Center in New Jersey.

Our favourite songs by the Rolling Stones: – 'Anybody Seen My Baby''Satisfaction ''No sympathy for the devil' – 'Paint it black '

The second band that we're going to tell you about is Three Days Grace – Canadian rock band existing under the name Groundswell during 1992 - 1995. The band regrouped in 1997 as Three Days Grace with new lead singer – Adam Gontier. Their songs are about their lives. People can often relate to the lyrics, which help them out in critical situations. Their first self-named album was released in 2003 and the last named Transit of Venus was released few weeks ago.

Members of Three Days Grace:

Adam Gontier – lead vocals (1992–1995; 1997–present), rhythm guitar (1997–present)

Neil Sanderson – drums, percussion, piano, backing vocals (1992–1995; 1997–present)

Brad Walst – bass guitar, backing vocals (1992–1995; 1997–present)

Barry Stock – lead guitar (2003–present)

Three Days Grace was released on July 22, 2003, by which time "(I Hate) Everything About You" was already hit on alternative radio stations in Canada.

In 2006 they won Billboard Music Award in category Rock Single of the Year for "Animal I Have Become".

Some of our favourite songs : hate everything about you - Animal I've Become Life Starts Now

and some from their new album: Me a Reason in To Me

And that's all about them. For two months we'll tell you about Papa Roach and Iron Maiden.

Magda and Klaudia

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