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Human by Christina Perri


But I’m only human.
And I bleed when I fall down.
I’m only human.
And I crash and I break down.
Your words in my head, knifes in my heart.
You build me up and then I fall apart.
'Cause I’m only human...


How lovely words: ,,But I’m only human…”. You may not understand that, so let me explain it to You. No matter who you are.

Guy from village or president. No matter what others think about You. You are only human. You make mistakes, that’s true, but everyone does.

You are the only one, unusual, beautiful, just the way You are. So be yourself. Always. When something is not as You’d like to, tell yourself:

,,But I’m only human’’. So, everyone who says that songs in 21st century are terrible and they don’t teach anything, are wrong.

But they can be wrong, because they are only humen;)


Christmas on YouTube

Hi everyone! We would like to tell you something about a christmas trend on YouTube – VlogMas.


Every year at the beginning of December a lot of youtubers are posting 1 video a day till Christmas.

They are showing their preparation for Festive time. Youtubers are decorating their houses with

Christmas ornaments, putting baubles, chains and sugar canes on a Christmas tree and buying

presents for their friends and family. These are few of vlogmasing youtubers:

  • Zoella
  • Pointless Blog
  • Tanya Burr
  • Johnny Orlando
  • Eva Marisol

We wish you Merry Christmas!

Asia Patryn & Zuza Wójcik

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