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I’m going to write about the great science-fiction TV series called ‘The 100’. It was directed by Dean White and the main roles are played by Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin) and Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake).


It’s about the hundred of young people who were sent to the ground after 97 years of living in the space on the ship called ‘The Ark’. They were living there because of a nuclear war that had happened a long time ago and now Chancellor Jaha decided to find out if Earth is survivable again. As you probably know it was. So those kidsneeded to find out how they are going to live there – they didn’t know much about the Earth on general . But very soon they realized that they have much bigger problem than food or medicines – the Grounders, people who somehow survived and certainly are not very happy of the fact that they have special guests.


I really do recommend this incredible TV series to you – it’s very exciting, even thrilling and sometimes also quite funny. But it’s not for everyone – there are many scary or brutal scenes and there is also a lot of blood.So it’s only for those with nerves of steel.

Pati Jakubowska



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