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Manga Naruto

Hi it's me Aleksander again. This time there will be no book but a manga.
This is one of the most recognized gills. It talks about a boy who had closed a demon a few years ago, whose power is only revealed at age 12.

Boyfriend with his friends: Sakura and Sasuke pass to the ninja. For this rank they fight with other villages such as the village of sand or mist.

Each one has a different skill. But at the moment of examinations the largest immortal enemy of the settlement appears. Will Naruto save the village from disaster?

Read it yourself.
Manga in my opinion are better than books because it is a comic book.

There are many drawings and we do not have to guess how the characters look or where the action takes place.
Everyone can find something for themselves from so many manga species.
I hope I encouraged you to read it.

Aleksander K



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