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Escape rooms

Escape rooms are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other players and they

have to find a way of escape from the room. Usually, 3-5 persons can go in the escape room.

Escape isn't too easy, because to do it, players have to use elements of the room to find clues and solve a series of

puzzles that lets them escape from the room within a time limit – which is often 60 minutes. In the game, the main goal

is to find anything which gives players the possiblity for escape – often it's a key which opens the door of the room.

But sometimes it can be other things. To find that subject (e.g., a key) players must solve all the puzzles. The escape room

usually has its own story, which is illustrated by music, sound effects and lighting that create the environment connected with the story.

Everything you will see in the escape room is a puzzle. You never know, if an escape room will have only one room, or if during the game

players will discover second room.

Escape rooms are fun for people of all ages. It is a good way to spend free time with friends.

Mikolaj Mazur



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