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"THE NBHD" - The Neighbourhood 

 American alternative rock band formed in 2011.  

 The NBHD released their first album - "I Love You" in 2013

 The second album "Wiped Out!"" was released in 2015.

 The NBHD is known for their black-and-white imagery in theirs music, artwork, and videos.


Most famous songs: 

"Female Robbery"

"Sweater Weather"

"Let It Go"


"R.I.P. 2 My Youth"

"The Beach"


"Cry Baby"



Jesse Rutherford – Lead vocalist

Zachary Abels – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar

Jeremiah Freedman – Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals

Michael Margott – Bass guitar

Brandon Abel Fried – Drums

Bryan "Olivver" Sammis – Drums


Some new CDs, which you can buy in empik:
- Rihanna ,,Anti”
- Accept ,,Eat The Heat”
- Megadeth ,,Dyskopia”
- Avantasia ,,Ghostlights
- Puth Charlie ,,Nine Track Mind
- King Crimson “Three of a perfect pair”
- Gates Kevin “Islah”

Some new music videos on youtube:
- Coldplay ,,Hymn For The Weekend”

- Sia ,,Cheap Thrills”

- Lana Del Rey ,,Freak’’

- Flume ,,Never Be Like You”

- Rihanna ,,Work”


New biography books about musicians:

-,,Faith No More”

Some concerts in Szczecin:

-Hope – 19.02

-Happysad – 20.02

-Curcuma – 25.02

-Dawid Kwiatkowski – 26.02


Marta K. & Klaudia K.


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