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Japanese women are very sensitive about their beauty and complexion. These amazing Japanese beauty products provide fixes

for any kind of cosmetic issue that you may have, as well as some you've probably never even thought about.

Many of these strange-looking gadgets will no doubt have you looking funny while wearing them, but these contraptions

promise a wide range of benefits. These products include everything from wrinkle removers to face slimmers and even nose straighteners.

Although many of these products will not solve a problem instantaneously, these are definitely less invasive than going in

for a surgical procedure.

And you? How much would you do to look beautiful?

    1. OMNI Beauty Eye Care Eye Slack Haruka Device:

    This gadget claims to treat swelling, sagging, eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes in just 3 minutes.

    This works by producing thermal vibrations that stimulates blood circulation with the warm heat that the gadget produces.

    This gadget runs with lithium batteries to produce heat, so don’t be alarmed.

    2. Happy Face Trainer:

    You don’t think you have the perfect smile? Train your face to give out the perfect smile with this Happy Face Trainer.

    It’s basically a mouthpiece that you have to bite into for 5 minutes to set angles and balance your face and cheek muscles

    so that your smile comes out perfectly!!!

    3. Germanium Kogao Sauna Face Mask:

    I had heard about sauna belt to sweat out tummy fat, but Japanese people have applied the same technique to slim out chubby faces.

    This mask fits around your face and sweats and shrinks down your face so that it appears slimmer, wanna try?

    4. Hana Tsun Nose Straightener:

    It surely looks like some surgical device that someone would insert into your nose to resuscitate your vital signs.

    You have to plug this gadget into your nose 20 minutes each day to straighten out your nose. When you insert this device into your nose, it helps in contouring your nasal bones so that the nose looks straight and sharp, without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

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