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Its full name is United Mexican States. This is country of South America and it is bordered with North America, Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Belize, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. It covers almost 2 million square kilometres due to Mexico is the 5th largest country of Americas by total area. There live about 117 million of people and its capital, Mexico, is one of the most populated country in the world. After a colonization of people from Spain there lived Maya and Aztec. Mexico-Tenochtitlan was them base town. Now there are many residues of this civilizations.

There are hardly ever hot and there many rainy days too. Because of this strange climate in this place grew interesting plants, for example bushes, small trees, flora from jungle and cacti. But in Mexico we can find place , where snow persist- paramos, it’s mountainery pastures. In this country live many species of animals from rabbits and bears to sharks and pumas.

We can divide Mexico for Spanish-Metisse North and Indian South. Both have really fascinating tradition, for example on the north Aquascalientes- fight with bulls ; and on the South Indians has traditional dances, sometimes on their holiday they dance it on the streets.

This country is really special, because there are so many differences between everything: climate, animals, plants, people. Everything is really near each other, but completely mismatched. I think it is really worth to discover this magic place for yourself.

Marta S.



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