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Slumdog. Millionaire.

Eight Oscar’s Prizes. But why?

Jamal Malik, Hindu boy, all his life spend on slums in Bombay.

One day, he took part in TV quiz Millionaire.

Nothing unusual? But if I say you, that Jamal won the bigger prize, what will you say?

Boy, which wasn’t learning at school, has the most enormous knowledge.

His life taught him about everything- money, nation, culture, history, world..

But the main aim of the participation in competition wasn’t money.

He wanted to show in TV because he knew, that his sweetheart always watches this TV quiz.

School isn’t only place, where we can learn. People, surrounding, conversation- is the best way to

get to know, what is the life.

Love makes with people so incredible things, that we can doing impossible.

Ola K.



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