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Pyramid of Cheops

This is one of seven World Wonders. It is situated in Giza ( Egypt ), 10 kilometres from the Cairo. In this area there are also Chefren’spyramid , Mykerinos’spyramid and also known well Sfinks ,so the sculpture, which have head of human and body of lion. This huge pyramid is the biggest pyramid of all world. Its box base have 230 square metres and it is 137 metres high ( now ), but before it was 147 metres high. In the time it is becoming shorter. This monument was built 4,5 thousand years ago. In that period of time people ( Egyptians ) must built pyramid for theirs pharaohs like a tombs (mausoleums ). They believed in life after death. It means, when somebody died they graved with this person everything, which is needed for normal life, for example food, clothes , tools or with many treasures, when this person was rich. Today many people were looking for this wealth in different pyramids. The pyramid of Cheops was grave of pharaoh Cheops ( Chufu ), of course. For this day nobody find treasure, which, for sure was somewhere in pyramid. This type of architecture have many secrets, because there were lots of mazes, corridors and so one…. We have only a small piece of information about this construction. This is really an interesting place. When we go there , we can go into pyramid, but only with guide and no everywhere.

This is really a mysterious place too. As I even thought it was built many , many years ago. So for us it’s really strange that those people could done something like this. They haven’t any machine, everything they made by hands. Cheops’s pyramid consists of 2,4 million blocks of rock and every one rock heavy 2.5 tons. So, how did people do this? They only used wood, water, knowledge and hand strength. This is incredible, isn’t it ? Every sight of pyramid is perfectly on the North, South, West and East. The enter is situated in the middle of North wall. To XIII century outside walls was covered discs of white alabaster, but for many years it fall off.

This is only one place like this in the world. I think it’s worth to see pyramid, Sfinks or Egipt. This is really fantastic place and I don’t wondered Cheops’s pyramid is on the list of UNESCO. I recommend everybody EGYPT!!!

Marta Stogłów



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