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Something for Valentine's Day


American comedy from 2004.


Hillary Duff

Chad Michael Murray

Jennifer Coolidge

Dan Byrd

Regina King

It is a story about a girl- Sam Montgomery, whose father died when she was a little child. His second wife started to look after Sam. She and her daughters were very cruel to our “cinderella”. Sam has studied in a high school with a boy- Austin Ames with whom she had fallen in love. They were corresponding but he didn’t know that it was his school friend. They met “for the first time” on a bal. As it is in a true Cinderella story Sam had to leave at twelve o’ clock. But she has lost her mobile phone, not her shoes. If you want to know what happened after that, you should watch this film. It is a great story which shows that dreams come true.

Marta Kieca and Zuza Mincikiewicz



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