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Spring in our houses


Spring is coming so maybe it's time to change our homedecor or to take care about yourself. It doesn't have to be expensive. There are many opportunities to make it on your own, DIY and craft supplies are really good idea. Only disadvantage is that you need time... So if you like crafting, prepare and have fun!


Flowers and vibrant colours are perfect for new home decor. One of opportunities is to make glass decoration or change some old furniture. Things that you need are paints, old ornamentation or forgotten furniture and some original extras. Invite your friends, it will be perfect time to create something unique and new. The biggest advantage is that no one will have the same decoration as yours. You'll feel that your new designed room i original and made on your own. Of course if you want a floral look at your home, you could buy some spring flowers and put it into a DIY flowerpot. That would be your preparation for another season. Than you can say: Hello Spring!


We will give You advice to make your skin very nourished. This is easy and fast way to improve the look of our skin, when we are feeling and the pale look of it scares us.Than we are buying a bottle of rose oil and we are adding 2 litres of boiled water. Wash your body and face with this. Your skin will be nourished and light and pale color will disappear.


Take your hats off and let our hair shine, in the first rays of the sun and undulate in a warm breeze. Behind the window i getting warmer. The time is approaching when our closets instead of thick, woolen sweaters you can find sweatshirts, t-shirts and many other clothes that are associated with us in the spring. Colorful and funny accessories make our look more light and shine. Of course very important are shoes, change your dark boots to sneakers, high heels or spring shoes. If your outfit is ready go out and smile because it's SPRING!

Carmen and Julia



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