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Hello Kitty is a famous Japanese cartoon, which every child knows. It often accompanies little girls, who are dreaming about the room full of Hello Kitty's toys and gadgets. The character of small, white cat with a red bow was the thing which Asaka Kanda especially liked. In her home she had 4519 items from Hello Kitty and that's why she appeared in Guinness World Records 2013. Her fascination started 26 years ago and accompanies her to this day. Her collection includes different teddy bears, pendants, cosmetics, frying pan and toilet seat !


Antonia Kozakova from the Ruska City in Slovakia beat Guinness Records, because of her number of paper napkins. She had 62757 non-recurring napkins !


This high number is the result of 16-year old collecting. The value of her collection is about one and a half million PLN! Kozakova has broken the record three times! We suppose that she doesn't intend to stop her hobby. „I established a new target” - she said. „I would like to have a napkin with my picture and signature. Maybe someday this dream comes true.”, she says.


Adrianna Szczygieł, Ola Rzeszotka



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