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Wars between fans

Hi dear Lolcat readers!

It's us – Magda and Klaudia – again, in a bimonthly music segment. This time we would like to focus on extremely irrational fans wars.

Over 2000 years of evolution and people still have problem with respecting different opinions. So called 'fans wars' are set mainly between metal listeners and Beliebers (Justin Bieber fans). None of them accepts the fact that the other group's idol has succeed in music industry. Even artists dont respect each other. For instance, Justin Bieber said that he's way more harmonic than Heatfield and that metallica's drummer is just mindlessy hitting the drums. Fans didnt hold anything back responding to Justin's words.All around youtube and other music sites we can find a lot of insulting jokes. Take a look at these comments:

a) „Omg, i hate this guy, he sounds like a girl and his songs are stupid. Go die in hell ****” - metal fans about Bieber

or b) „Metal sucks. It’s only meaningless screaming and its probably satanistic, wow so emo so cool”. - Beliebers about metal

As you can see, fans are greatly divided, but it's nothing surprising if even artists dont respect another's hard work and effort they put into making music. Obviously all of this is wrong. Everyone has their right to like different things and it's just a matter of preferences, not (most stupid argument) sexuality. Insults and useless arguining shouldn't take place at all. Everyone deserves respect for their own likings.

All over the network you can also notice joking photo manipulations which lead to another fights. We, as a part of society, should try to reduce such cruelity and try to fight it. No one likes being laughed at for being themselves.

Klaudia W., Magda S.



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