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After being discovered by his dad for his natural flexibility, Daniel started training at the age of 4 years old using whatever he could find in films, TV and books. Starting out charging classmates to watch his tricks, he ran away with a circus and continued to train alone and under legendary trainers such as Chinese Master Lu Yi.

His hard work has paid off. His is named the World's Most Flexible Man by the Guinness Book of World Records, world famous contortionist the Rubberboy has been taking the art of contortion to the extreme! He has traveled to over 25 different countries where he is an entertainment super-hero.

Today he is an actor, entertainer, contortionist and host of “Stan Lee's Superhumans. He has trained extensively in order to bend his body into the most odd shapes and positions.

In the future he is determined to work more in films and international television as well as giving his fans plenty of what they love - more exciting live shows.

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